Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum review – smart but efficient

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We spent hours looking for the perfect vacuum that would make cleaning awkward spaces easy and cable free.

Shark’s new WV200UK cordless handheld vacuum cleaner topped the list of Vacuums that would allow us to clean spaces such as car interiors and tight corners, something that most of us struggle to do with an upright wired vacuum.

If you are looking to have more flexibility around the house, in the car or whether you may use it then the Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum should be your number one choice.

With a lightweight and slim design measuring just 43cm, we tested this vacuum in different situations, most popular was cleaning muddy car mats and cleaning in-between seats.

Although this handheld vacuum isn’t expected to replace the traditional upright vacuum cleaner it will most certainly be a strong contender replacing the brush and easel…this slimline vacuum has been designed so it can fit-in throughout the home and not look out of place

Where does all the dirt go? With a 0.25l storage bin you could say that it is pretty small but we found it did everything we needed to do. When collecting small fine items such as dust and hairs you could go a long time without emptying, but should you come to something slightly bigger like small stones from the bottom of a shoe, you would find yourself emptying on a regular basis. 

Just slightly above the power button is the bin release mechanism. The suction on the Shark meant that a high amount of dust, hair, dirt was compressed in to the transparent plastic bin. The two step emptying process is done within seconds just by holding hold the machine horizontally over the bin and releasing the button the catch. The flap will then open (at speed so be careful..) allowing you to tip into the bin.

The Shark comes in two versions: the £130 version with single battery (8 minutes use) and a version with two interchangeable batteries, doubling your cleaning time (16 minutes) allowing you much more flexibility and cleaning time

Battery Life 

The battery on the Shark Handheld vacuum ran for a short but sweet eight minutes before needing a battery change, with the twin battery pack we had 16 minutes, enough to do the tasks we had. Whilst we used one battery, another was charging. Only taking 2hrs 30mins to fully charge.


The price tag of over £100 makes you question what makes this vacuum different to any other? We can answer that with quality. The build of this vacuum is modern and stylish, it doesn’t look out of place. Lightweight and sitting comfortably in the hand allowing you to keep this raised for an amount of time without feeling strained, we found that removing dust from high spaces this was really a bonus. 

What’s included in the box?

Upon opening the box you are presented with Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum along with two head attachments, one that allows for cleaning deep crevices and a second for hair and flat surfaces. 

Not forgetting the charging dock, this sits upright and plugs in-to your nearest power point. The model we reviewed was the ’Twin’ allowing us to just change batteries each time one went flat. – the charging dock charges the vacuum and spare battery at the same time whilst storing 1 of the two attachments to the rear. 

Initially we set out to find a Cordless Vacuum that would allow the user a hassle free, simple and fast way to take pride in their spaces. The Shark performed to our expectations allowing us to vacuum small spaces, car seats and corners that other vacuums would struggle to reach.

The end of the Vacuum, shaped like a Shark mouth slides straight back in to the charging dock until you come to use it again

The only issue discovered was that more often than not the compression of dust and other powers would often gather at the mouth of the vacuum and cleaning was not too easily accessible. 

Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum review: Opinion

Although the Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum may appear small and not very powerful, we must assure you that this is very powerful and would meet most of your requirements if you are on the market for something small and handy.

With a number of heavy handheld vacuums on the market we enjoyed using this lightweight model. The versatility and size of this vacuum allowed us to clean and manoeuvre around confined spaces not always accessible by other vacuums.

The Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum is currently on offer at £88 from £129.99 at Shark Direct

Bin capacity0.25l
Charge time2 hours 30 minutes
Run time8 minutes per battery
Dimensions (WDH)9.5 x 22 x 38.5cm
Guarantee2 years (including battery)

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