UAG Civilian Series iPhone 11 Pro Case REVIEW

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It’s quite possible that we found the perfect phone case for the iPhone 11 if you are looking for protection.

When looking at iPhone cases I’m a strong believer that the smallest accident can ruin the pride that you take in your gadgets. Often leaving you with a hefty bill for replacements. With this in mind we took to the market on researching a number of different iPhone cases that would give us the durability and not disrupt the normal day to day routine.

Urban Armor Gear (you may know them as UAG) have released a new series of phone cases that target the everyday you and me. The ‘civilian’ range of phone cases are built to military drop standards and are designed to absorb and remove any shock inside your phone case should you have any accidents with your precious iPhone.

When compare this case to some of UAG’s more ‘bulky’ looking designs, this one leans has a more refined and clean appearance. The outside surface is smooth and feels like a thin plastic with the added bonus that the material can resist fingerprints.

A two-layer case with an outer layer of hard shell and an inner layer of rubber in a honeycomb pattern.


UAG’s Civilian range of iPhone cases are built to prevent any damage from impact upon a hard surface. Should you have any accidents the case will be cushioned at all angles. With the thin profile design the case includes two shock absorbing materials with a dynamic hexagon pattern (visible when the case is not on the phone)

What colours are available? The civilian range is available in three different colours Black, Slate, and Olive Drab and is made for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. 


  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Impact resistant bumpers
  • Meets military drop-test standards to four feet (MIL STD 810G 516.6)
  • Oversized buttons providing easy access to and volume, lock button and charging ports
  • Scratch resistant screen surroundings
  • Apple Pay compatible


This case has earnt it’s place on my iPhone purely because of the lightweight design offering increase protection in a package that is not thick or bulky in any respect when comparing this to others. The Civilian Range offers a more personal feel and not always destined for the outdoor adventurer that it may seem. The case really did meet all expectations

With cutouts for the camera, volume control, charging port and speakers this case ensures that the end user has full functionality.


The case retails for $49.95 (from UAG) and available in 3 colours.

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