Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Review

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We received the Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam from Nextbase just a few weeks back and we have spent many hours testing this camera in both day and night, rain and shine. Dashcams are soon becoming as a must have for motorists. The Nextbase 322GW, is placed in the middle of the Nextbase range. Priced at just £99 the 322GW covers everything that the basic user would need from a dash cam, with a range of bonus features in comparison to the 1-series dash cams.

Firstly and most noticeably these dash cams the ability to plug in support modules, offering three different perspectives, 1) rear-view camera connects to the side of the dash cam and films in the back of the vehicle, 2) a cabin-view camera which connects to the dash cam and allows you to film the back of the car and finally 3) the rear-window cam which like the front camera, simply sticks to the back window and films the rear of the car during a journey, stationary or when reversing.

Each of the modules are available as ‘add on purchases’ from Nextbase and are compatible with the 322GW and onwards, meaning that any previous versions don’t support these accessories.

Unboxing The 322GW Dashcam

The box, containing dash cam unit itself, a Click&Go Pro mount, suction mount, 4m long power cable, USB cable, cable fitting tool and a spare adhesive pad as well as a user manual with basic steps to get you live and active within 5 minutes.

The camera, made in black and, has shrunk in size compared to other models and now has the dimensions of 80 x 45 x 50 mm (W x H x D). 

The procedure to get the camera active was done in a number of basic steps, just by inserting the microSD card and switching on the camera you are in action and ready to start your filming. We opted not to Hardwire this dash cam and instead used the 12V wire and use the supplied dashboard power whilst having the wire tidy in the vehicle. Other users have reported that they cameras are not difficult to install depending on which car you have. Sometimes more modern cars have curtain airbags all the way around the windscreen top and bottom, which can make it difficult to tidy the wires. Nether the less, some dealerships offer to fit the dash cams as an additional service which means that there are no trailing wires at all and the wires remain hidden and hard-powered in to the fusebox. For a vehicle which has a 12v charging port that isn’t used during journeys, you can leave this plugged in.


The 322GW has a maximum recording quality of full 1080p HD and 60fps with , allowing you to rest easy knowing that the image quality being recorded is almost perfect. The stability of the click and go mount combined with the 60 frames per second (fps) recording means high speed driving and recording will feature very little camera movement or blurring. Another benefit to the 1080p 60fps is that registration plates can be easily read, depending on distance.

One of the main focus points on this camera is the new 2.5” touch screen, a perfect size which allows enough access control to review footage or align the camera. The magnetic click and go mount means the connection is stronger and more secure, whilst allowing easy access to add/remove the camera from the dock. With the new mount the camera connects from the front of the device rather than the top meaning that very little windscreen area is being used up and the camera can neatly tuck behind the drivers mirror.

The camera films videos in 30 or 60 second bursts which are on a loop to maximise storage. If you need to save a snippet of a recording you can either head in to the file manager and ‘protect’ the footage or press the red illuminated ‘nextbase’ button on the rear of the camera. New technology allows for the dash cam to detect a collision or bump and automatically protects the footage.

This camera also includes ‘intelligent parking mode’, a feature which will power up the dash cam should any movement or knocks to the car be recorded whilst parked and unattended .

Initial Startup

When the camera is powered on for the first time, the software will guide you through the step by step set-up process. This includes basic settings including the time, date and pairing up with your iOS or Android Device. The Nextbase app, whilst not important, allows you to access full control of the camera and additional features such as Emergency SOS. The footage can also be transferred to PC/Mac via usb or card reader.

Emergency SOS Mode was introduced to the 322GW and more recent models. (mobile connection is required) This addition to the camera can contact the emergency services straight away should it detect movement that could mean the car has been involved in a serious collision. – a number of checks are in place to avoid the camera from emergency services in unnecessary situations. This includes the user receiving numerous warnings and opportunities to stop the emergency call from processing.

The 322GW menu system is basic and suitable for all ages and technical ability.

We have enjoyed testing this Dash Cam over the past couple of weeks, the simplicity of ‘plug and play’ for a budget cost is ideal for any motorist looking for the added protection both in day and night conditions.

Rating: 5/5 RRP: £99 (322GW Dash Cam) For more information or to buy online visit www.nextbase.com

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