Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition review

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We checked out Nomad’s latest wireless charger, which now includes a dock for your Apple Watch

The docking station has the premium feel to it on first impressions, built from an aluminum top body covered in Nomad’s favourite, Horween leather.

The new charging puck, which is Apple certified to ensure your watch is being charged quickly and safety is built in to the design of the flat based design.

The watch puck is positioned on the left of the docking station, allowing you to add two phones could be placed across the body or Wireless charging AirPods.

Your iPhone can be positioned both horizontally across all the the leather base or, or it can go perpendicular, leaving a little hanging off the back and front.

How can I be sure my devices are charging on the dock? A trio of LEDs are positioned on the front to provide feedback about your charging status. An ambient light sensor on the back reads the brightness throughout your room which then makes adjustment’s to the LEDs so they aren’t too bright in the night.

Where can I buy?

Nomad itself sells the Base Station Apple Watch Edition for $149.95.

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