Review: Nomad Modern Leather Case For AirPods Pro (3rd Gen)

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Apple’s second generation AirPods Pro are considered to be the best in the business when it comes to consumer wireless earbuds.

Besides their functionality, one of the things that makes these earbuds so special is their case. It is extremely compact and fits perfect in the pocket. The 3rd gen release has a built-in speaker for “Find My” functionality, wireless charging, and there’s no mistaking its glossy white finish.

Over time, there has become a number of glossy white wireless earbud cases out there and it can be easy to mistake one for another.

For us, where there are multiple people with AirPods and with other brand earbuds (that also feature a glossy white charge case), there have been multiple incidents of someone accidentally grabbing the wrong earbuds off the counter.

Second, glossy white looks fantastic when it’s new. Get a few scratches or scuffs in the plastic and the look isn’t nearly as appealing.

Nomad – the guys and girls behind a range of premium Apple accessories has answered both of these issues with the release of The Nomad Modern Leather Case For AirPods Pro(3rd generation). A protective case made made up of premium leather that slips straight over the AirPods Pro case, giving your Apple earbuds a premiums appearance whilst protecting that white plastic from scratches.


The Nomad Airpod Case is thin, a two-piece shell with composed from Horween leather over a polycarbonate frame and a protective microfiber lining.

Installation couldn’t be any easier. Simply slide each half of the case over the corresponding halves of the Apple case. There is a slight notch on both halves of the Nomad case that go at the back to accommodate the hinge and a band of black plastic to accommodate ports.

Horween Leather

This is premium, minimally treated, vegetable-tanned leather that ages beautifully. Over time we have seen a number of Nomad products that are made with Horween leather and the patina this material develops truly does make it look better with age.

The little scratches and scrapes that would look horrific on glossy plastic, actually adds character to leather.

I have to say, the AirPods Pro case really pops with the Nomad case on, especially when it’s open and the white contrasts with the darker and more textured leather.

The Horween leather case is available in Rustic Brown or Black for £19 for a short period of time whilst on offer.

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