Plans approved for recycling centre at Magna

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Plans have been approved for a facility that will convert waste plastic into hydrogen at Magna

Newton Hydrogen Ltd will repurpose a 35,000 sq ft industrial structure into a plastic-to-hydrogen conversion facility within Magna Science Centre, the former Templeborough Steelworks.

The proposed facility would use pyrolysis technology to extract hydrogen from up to 13,000 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic, capable of producing approximately 3,000 kg of hydrogen fuel daily.

The generated hydrogen would serve as a vehicle fuel for the nearby park-and-ride, as well as for public transportation and waste collection vehicles operated by the local authority.

The Newton Hydrogen said how the planned production and research facility could generate up to 35 employment positions and offer a space that seamlessly integrates into the visitor experience at the broader Magna site.

Up to 13,000 tonnes of plastic unsuitable for normal recycling will be processed at the unit every year, the company said in its planning application. 

The location will serve as a testing ground for production but won’t function as a fully operational commercial hydrogen production site.

It is anticipated that the facility will generate employment opportunities, with an estimated 30 to 35 jobs expected to be created.

Rotherham Council approved the plans without going to the planning board on 24 April 2024

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