Plans submitted for Battery Energy Storage System facility in Wickersley

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Image: Harmony Energy

Plans have been submitted for a Battery Energy Storage System facility in Wickersley providing electricity at times of high demand

Harmony Energy supported by Energyline Limited has submitted a full planning application to Rotherham Council for land off Moat Lane, Wickersley for the construction of a battery energy storage system (BESS) with a capacity of up-to 100MW

The plans include associated infrastructure, landscaping and access

The facility itself, comprising the BESS units, the transformer units, switch-rooms and Auxiliary Transformer will be on hard-surfacing, within a fenced compound

A sensitive landscaping scheme will be created around the BESS, including a bund of 1.8-2.2 metres in height beyond the North and West boundaries

The site has existing access from Moat Lane, located to the South West. This access will be utilised for the proposed development, with a new internal access road within the BESS site will also be created.

A planning statement submitted as part of the application said: “The development will support the National Grid and provide electricity at times when demand rises above generation and will absorb excess electricity when demand is below the level of

“A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is the ability of a system to store electrical energy. Solar and wind energy are essential to meet future energy requirements, but it is essential we are able to store the energy generated from these sources when they generate surplus energy”

“It will contribute towards keeping the UK’s electricity grid stable and resilient to new demands and new sources of energy (with regard to the Government’s legally binding commitment to achieve Net Zero in terms of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and the decarbonisation of the energy sector by 2035).”

Harmony Energy is one of the UK’s leading developers, owners and operators of utilityscale battery energy storage systems (BESS), with our headquarters based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

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