94 cannabis plants seized in Maltby raid

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Police seized 94 cannabis plants during a drugs raid on a property at Maltby

Police said 94 plants were found at a property during a raid at a property on Strauss Crescent, Maltby, on Thursday (2 November).

The pre-planned raid was undertaken following intelligence gathered by officers indicating that drugs were being grown and distributed at the property.

Inspector Rebecca Deraz said: “Cannabis farms and factories have a significant impact on our local communities. Some people may think cannabis is a ‘harmless’ drug, but it is often linked to organised crime and the exploitation of vulnerable people who are recruited to look after the grows.

“I encourage the public to look out for the signs a property is being used being used to grow drugs. If you have concerns about a property near you, please report them to us. We will investigate and continue to disrupt the drugs supply chain, put a stop to this illegal activity and create safer neighbourhoods.”

“Some people may think cannabis is a harmless drug, but it is often linked to organised crime,” she added.

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