Police plane locates escaping motorcyclist who crashed into stone wall in getaway attempt

by Admin

A police plane was called to assist in the arrest of a motorcyclist after police received reports of a motorbike being ridden erratically

Police located the motorbike on High Hazel Crescent, Catcliffe after receiving reports at around 9:30 on Monday (15th June) of the motorbike being ridden around the Brinsworth area.

The motorcyclist failed to stop for traffic officers before being involved in a short pursuit in the local area before heading to Basingthorpe Lane, Greasbrough.

Posting on Facebook, SYP Ops Support described “After a few dodgy turns and cross country antics the rider must have thought he was home & dry”

“After a long game of cat & mouse, our fearless riders ambition outweighed his ability and, with no help from us, he stacked his bike into a stone water trough”

“Yet again our NPAS colleagues tracked the suspect & watched as he turned into Tarzan & started climbing a tree in an effort to hide……all pointless.”

The 33 year-old male was arrested by officers and a dog unit for failing to stop, dangerous driving & insurance offences.

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