Housebuilder Avant submits application to build more housing on Brecks Lane

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Avant Homes wants to add 12 more homes to its new estate, even though the current layout has faced criticism for being overly congested

In July 2022, Avant Homes Yorkshire received approval for constructing 70 properties on Brecks Lane, despite receiving 40 objections.

The company has since sought permission to alter the development by substituting smaller properties, aiming to increase the total dwellings to 82.

Avant say they aim to transform the current 24 large dwellings into 36 smaller units to bolster housing accessibility and inclusivity within the community. Recent economic fluctuations, such as persistent high inflation, escalating living costs, and an upsurge in mortgage rates, have significantly reduced interest in larger residences among potential buyers.

The shift towards smaller dwellings aligns with the goal of fostering affordability and sustainability. Smaller units tend to be more cost-effective and energy-efficient compared to larger homes, enabling a wider spectrum of residents, including those with moderate to lower incomes, to access quality housing options.

The new submission has received objections from local residents, one objector said: “The road is already busy and the area is over populated. Adding more houses will cause issues with congestion and pollution.

Consultation on the new plans will end on January 11.

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