Yorkshire Air Ambulance welcomes delivery of second helicopter G-YORX

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance has announced the arrival of it’s second helicopter G-YORX

Following the successful deployment of the newest H145 D3 model Helicopter, G-YAAA in March, the addition of G-YORX further strengthens YAA’s ability to provide essential emergency medical care to the people of Yorkshire.

The first of two new upgraded Airbus H145 D3 Helicopters, G-YAAA began operations on Saturday March 25th.

The H145 D3 features a new, upgraded, five-blade propeller that is mounted on the mast. This makes the system easier to maintain and is lighter than the previous rotor. As YAA’s Director of Aviation, Steve Waudby, attested: “The big difference you’ll notice is that this new helicopter has five rotor blades, which means it’s a lot smoother.

“It’s also slightly lighter, because the anti-vibration equipment has been removed, which means we can carry another half an hour’s worth of aviation fuel. This means we can stay airborne and go to a lot more jobs before we have to refuel.”

Additional advancements on this model include onboard Wi-Fi to allow patient records to be updated inflight and a cutting-edge secure communications system that will allow the crew to send patient data ahead to their destination hospital. There will also be an improved medical fit alongside some of the most advanced and innovative equipment for treating patients at scene and in-flight.

A YAA spokesperson added: “The Airbus H145 D3 is used by military, police, and air rescue services around the world.

“The night-capable aircraft has exceptional flight performance and will have significant technological advancements, including reduced felt vibrations, notably in the cabin, which will considerably improve ride quality for both patients and the crew.”

The new helicopters, complete with full medical fit out, will cost approximately £15.3M which is being funded through careful financial planning and reserves.  Current aircraft G-YAAC and G-YOAA will be sold to offset some of these costs.

It is the first organisation in the UK to receive the brand new model.

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