Operation Quilt pledges to lock Rotherham burglars up for Christmas

by Admin

Police in Rotherham launched Operation Quilt this week, a campaign to crackdown on burglary.

The campaign saw its first success when FIVE arrests were made on Saturday.

The arrests included a man aged 39 who was charged with Burglary and remanded in custody. And a second man aged 21 was charged with Burglary and Vehicle Theft who was also remanded in custody.

A further THREE was arrested overnight including 1 planned arrest and 2 in response to an occurring crime.

Detective Chief Inspector said “Some people think Christmas starts too early. Not for locking up burglars. This week in Rotherham we are focusing our attempts to prevent crime for the festive period. It’s called .”

“If you commit Burglary we want you in prison for Christmas. And a happy new year.”



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