Aldi launch Kevin The Carrot Toy Range TODAY and they sell out within minutes

by Admin

Image – Aldi

Aldi launched their Kevin the Carrot Toy Range throughout the country this morning and they sold out within minutes.

Aldi Restricted customers to just TWO purchases each expecting a high demand.

Kevin the Carrot has been in everyones minds since the Aldi Christmas Advert that launched earlier this month. Kevin is part of Aldi’s Christmas charity gift range, helping to support The Teenage Cancer Trust.

The special Edition Kevin is over 1 metre tall – ideal for children, parents, and any other fan! 

Aldi also launched a smaller range of toys that included Katie the Carrot and Pascal the Parsnip both priced at £3.99, as well as a range of festive decorations and mugs.

Image – Aldi


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